Time for an Audit…of the Personal Kind

I write about friendship often.

Friendships, along with the close bonds I have with my tiny family, really sustain me. I have always tried to be a good friend and I value and treasure the relationships I have with those who are so close to me. My group is tight-knit, and I have friends who have known me throughout this journey with Epilepsy and those who knew me long before seizures became part of my everyday life. You know someone’s a close friend when they volunteer their help or their assistance when it comes to things like errands, without any mention of it from me. In other words, there is a tremendous level of acceptance.

I think it’s because of my constant battle with seizures…I tend to really analyze comments from people. I know everyone can’t be as kind, supportive and helpful as others, but I’m someone who knows when I’m imposing, so I tend to not even go there with some people, and I HATE imposing!

After all, you’re talking to a woman who has a lot of ‘help’ in her life. I have help getting to and from my new job; I have help getting my daughter to and from school and her various activities; I have help with my appointments and errands.

What’s this all leading up to? Well, here’s the scoop…I decided last night on our loooonnnng drive to a weekend get-away in Northern Michigan, that I’m going to do an ‘audit’ of sorts. I’m tired of wondering if people are bothered by my illness. I can’t let what I believe others think of me, get me down. It’s detrimental to my health and the well-being of my family. Friends are people who love and accept you for who you are, and Epilepsy is part of who I am. If a mother doesn’t allow her child to play at our home out of fear that I’ll have a seizure and ‘scare’ her child…so be it.

Those of us with Epilepsy must be strong and we shouldn’t have to battle for acceptance. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Some of my absolutel oldest friends...my college sisters!