New Year’s Resolution Time…What’s Your Story?

I don’t know about you, but I’m the first to admit…I’m horrible when it comes to New Year’s resolutions.

I can set them, but I typically either forget them within days or completely ignore them. I always attribute it to the fact that my life doesn’t need much change, nor can I tolerate it. Some of my more infamous declarations:

-I will stick to a strict schedule when it comes to ‘house stuff’, i.e. laundry. Somehow, by January 6th, I end up with 8 loads for the 3 people in our house.

-I will organize my finances this year. This is something I’ve been promising myself for 3 decades.

-I will organize my closet and donate the clothes and shoes that haven’t touched my body in more than 5 years (this from the ex-on-air news person who swears she can ‘wear any of my old suit jackets with a pair of jeans). Much of my stuff doesn’t even fit.

-I will cook healthier food for my family. Still, my heart melts by January 4th when Hayden pleads with me to make my ‘famous’ (famous in her mind) fettuccine alfredo, made with heavy cream.

-No sweets because I know sugar is a seizure-trigger. Oh please…do I have to even explain this one?

-No unnecessary stressing because again…a seizure-trigger. As much as I would love for stress not to get to me, it does, and I don’t think a new year will make much of a difference! After all, I am a realist.

So, I was thinking this morning, are there some realistic resolutions that I actually might adhere to? And, can I make sure they not only benefit and define me, but are also issues I care so deeply about? Here goes…

I promise to continue to push the Epilepsy issues I care so much about:  No driving if someone has seizures; Making sure anti-seizure medications are available to all who need them and those who can’t afford them; Making sure medication switching at the pharmacy is stopped; Research, research, research; SUDEP is a concern and something everyone should be informed about; Access to seizure-alert dogs for those in need, AND a push to stop the abuse of the concept (you can re-read my post on those who can order ‘fake’ ID for their dog in order to pass them off as assistance dogs so they can fly-when will the government catch on to this and DO SOMETHING!?).

Last, but not least, I promise to stay positive when it comes to Epilepsy Advocacy. So many times, we can’t control what others think and feel about Epilepsy and life with seizures. But, we can teach. We can advocate. If there are those who seem to discriminate, teach them. If you have family that doesn’t seem to understand, feed them information. Be a ‘poster-child’ for living well with Epilepsy. If we all make a promise, we can start 2011 with a bang. Happy New Year!

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