Friendship and Life with Epilepsy

    I’m always up for activities that take my mind off of Epilepsy…at least on a personal level. Don’t get me wrong, I’m forever an advocate and I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure I spread the word. I’m always talking about living life with Epilepsy either on this blog,, Facebook, Twitter…or the interviews I do.

    Still, with weekly, and most of the time daily seizures…it’s pretty special when you can lose yourself in something, with someone, and for the moment you don’t have to think about ‘the E word’.

    I have a friend who makes sure of this. She and I have been friends for several years and our daughters, both only children, have been friends since they were little more than 2-years-old, and we met in ‘Mom & Tot Class’. With the girls heading back to school this month (different schools), we committed to seeing each other once a week, with the girls, by planning various ‘field trips’.

    She has a personal association with seizure disorders (family), so she understands many of the challenges and the issues I face. Still, she has this amazing ability to make me forget about Epilepsy, at least for a few hours when we get the kids together or when we do something, just the two of us Moms. And, it’s amazing…she doesn’t ignore Epilepsy, but she manages our friendship ‘around’ Epilepsy. In other words, I’m sure you might have the same experience, but I can classify my relationships in a few different categories:

    –Those I’ve lost because I live with a chronic illness (extreme, yes…but it has happened)

    –Those who walk on eggshells with me because they are petrified that I will drop to the floor at any moment with a seizure (I don’t see these friends much)

    –Those who completely ignore the fact that I do live with Epilepsy because it’s much easier to not ask than to understand the ins and outs of this condition

    –Those who treat me like any other wife, mother, friend, co-worker and occasionally ask how I’m feeling, but don’t limit activities, invitations, associations

    If you do live with Epilepsy, or any chronic condition/illness for that matter…do you have friends who recognize your challenges, but are able to push the issues aside? Think…I bet you do. If so, make sure you recognize how lucky you are…

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