Driving…Giving Epilepsy a Bad Name

This is an article we all should read:

Allegedly, a driver with Epilepsy in the Seattle area has been charged with vehicular homicide after slamming his vehicle at 70-mph into the rear of a vehicle at a traffic light, killing the man inside. No one will confirm if the driver was having a seizure at the time, but he DOES have a history of various traffic accidents. And, to add to the issues, the suspect’s blood was tested and he had high levels of anti-seizure drugs in his system.

So…what’s his excuse? Really. We are all aware of the rules and regulations as they apply in each state. Is it easy to not be able to drive when you have Epilepsy? No…but truly it’s a matter of profound safety, and if this is indeed true, we can all learn a great lesson or two.

I always nod my head when I’m speaking to someone with Epilepsy, and they tell me that they can drive because…’Even though they have seizures each day, they have an aura or feel them coming on so they can pull over if need be.’ In my opinion, that’s crazy.

The plain and simple truth is…if you have Epilepsy and if you have seizures regularly, hang up your car keys.

I understand the challenges, trust me. Work, errands, childcare, appointments with the doctor, freedom, a social life; heck even the optics of not being able to drive can be hard to handle. I have a nearly 5 year old little girl who has already been teased because ‘Mommy can’t drive a car.’ But, the way I see it…Mommy might take a life or two if Mommy got behind the wheel. So, I must accept the situation and make sure I’m organized and know who I can rely on to help me.

I hate to see these types of stories. Do we need better public transportation in many cities? That’s a resounding ‘yes’. Detroit is one of those cities! But still, I could never risk the lives of my family or the lives of those who are on the road near me.

If you have any questions about whether or not you should get behind the wheel, Epilepsy.com has a great state-by-state guide.

Don’t put yourself in the next headline like this one.