Be truthful to yourself this New Year’s…set some extraordinary resolutions that say, I can take on my Epilepsy!

OK resolution-writers, time to get crackin’. Seriously…
If you are like me, you have a list churning right now in your head. And the majority of you have much more sound heads than I do.

-Become more organized

-Take better care of my finances (that’s been on my list for 30 years)

-Be a really super-creative, artistic Mom who can sit and do crafty things with her daughter for hours on end

-Take Charlie the puppy to obedience class

-Take my anti-seizure meds on-time every day (yeah right!)

-Become a marathon runner by summer (just kidding…that’s never even crossed my mind!)

Either way, I was scribbling and jotting down my list this past weekend as I was sitting—-ALONE—-inside the Northern Michigan ski lodge, laptop on…as my sweet 4-year-old was out on the slopes taking her lesson and my husband was doing what he loved, skiing. Don’t get me wrong, I was NOT feeling sorry for myself. That’s one of my foundations. I do not wallow in self pity.

My 4-year-old daughter, Hayden...mastering the slopes.

My 4-year-old daughter, Hayden...mastering the slopes.

It was Christmas Day and a cool-looking guy approached me. He was dressed the part, meaning he was a ski instructor. He asked me why I wasn’t out enjoying myself since things were pretty quiet on the mountain.

I gave him my standard…”I can’t ski anymore, I have Epilepsy…endured 5 brain surgeries…and I’ve been told I just can’t do it.” Which I have to tell you right here and now, is a bold-faced, complete and utter lie.

I have made that excuse up to myself, my friends and even my daughter for the last three years, ever since the first time that scalpal sliced into my head! I can’t recall Dr. Shah, my neurologist, EVER telling me that I can’t or I shouldn’t ski!
But, I have taught myself to believe that bunch of garbage because I am terrified to get back out there.
And, I realized it as soon as the lie came out of my mouth for the umteenth time. I have uttered the excuse so many times, that I myself believe it!

Long story short, the kind and cute ski instructor told me he would be happy to give me some brush-up lessons. He told me not to be shy about conquering my fear, and that my helmet, along with an added neck guard might also give me a bit of added security.

So, something to think about when I finalize that list of resolutions I’m working on this week…at least it might be in the Top 10: Ski Lessons.

Me skiing, before my illness (JUST kidding!)

Me skiing, before my illness (JUST kidding!)

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Living with Epilepsy…and Living in Fear-
January 2, 2011 at 9:13 am

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