2011 Summer Stroll for Epilepsy Season…in the Books!

I think I say this each and every time I participate in a fundraiser for the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. My heart gets so heavy. It’s impossible not to feel the connection and the camaraderie with others who care just as much for this cause.

Those of you living with, or otherwise affected by Epilepsy will probably agree with me, there’s a sense of pride and adoration for the organizations that do so much to better the lives of those of us with Epilepsy.

Thank you, thank you to the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan for a ‘season’ of great Summer Strolls! As always, I was thrilled to participate with friends and family!

Below are some links to photos of the event.

Summer Stroll for Epilepsy, Midland

Summer Stroll for Epilepsy, Detroit

Summer Stroll for Epilepsy, Kalamazoo

Summer Stroll for Epilepsy, Grand Rapids

Hayden, me and some very good friends who joined us for the 2011 Summer Stroll for Epilepsy at the Detroit Zoo